Sponsor Branding

Sponsor Directory #

Included in plans: Boost, Ultra
Add sponsors profiles to your event. Attendees can view your list of sponsors under the Sponsor tab.

Sort sponsors into tiers and determine how they’re displayed on your public site. The tier names default to platinum, gold, silver, bronze, copper, Nickel, Pewter, and Iron, but you can rename them anytime on your Sponsors tab.

Featured Sponsors

Resize Your Sponsors Logo #

By resizing images, you can highlight your premier sponsor prominently, allowing you to adjust the size of their logo for optimal visibility and recognition. It’s a simple yet effective way to showcase your biggest sponsors in a visually appealing manner.

1. Go to the Sponsors tab, click after the tier label, and then select a size from S Size to XXL Size.

Image 2 1


2. Click the Save button.Image 3 2

Good to know: #

You can change the logo size of sponsors only after moving them from regular sponsor section to a tier level. Sizing doesn’t apply to regular sponsors.

Embed Video Stream #

Included in plans: Boost, Ultra
Embed a live stream, video webinar/meeting, or pre-recorded content into a sponsor profile. Include promotional videos or online networking opportunities. Allow your attendees to live chat with sponsor representatives.

Web Header #

Use your header image and header text to feature your top sponsors.
Sponsor Header Image

Customizing Your Website

Web Footer #

Use your footer image to feature your top sponsor(s).
Sponsor Footer Image

Customizing Your Website

Mobile Header #

Include sponsor logos on your header banner to feature sponsors in the Sched app.
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Customizing Your Mobile Site

Embedded Version #

Included in plans: Boost, Ultra
For the most flexibility, embed Sched into your own site and add sponsor branding around it.

An example of Sched embed, with sponsor logos added at the top:


An example of Sched embed, with sponsor logos added at the bottom:
Embed Sponsor 1

Embedding in Your Website

Email Announcement #

Send out sponsor messages or special offers to your attendees using email announcements. Here’s an example of an email announcement that went out after an event has ended with a special offer from a sponsor.
Sponsor Email Announcement

Mobile Directory #

Included in: Branded/Native Mobile Apps Upgrade
You can feature your presenting sponsor’s banner within your Mobile App. The banner will display in the directory page where attendees can search all event participants.
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Customizing Your Mobile Site

Mobile Loading Screen #

Included in: Branded/Native Mobile Apps Upgrade
Feature your sponsors’ logos when attendees launch the native app.
Customizing Your Mobile Site

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