Manually add or remove attendee ticket

Manually Add/Remove or Transfer Attendee Ticket
When your attendee has purchased your event ticket and has changed their mind or somewhat purchased the wrong one, you can manually add or remove the ticket and even transfer the ticket to someone else if they want to.


1. Go to Control Panel
2. Under the ‘Attendees‘ section, choose the attendee you’d like to add/remove or transfer the ticket from.
3. Click on the ‘Tickets‘ tab

Image 13

4. Click on the ‘+‘ or the Add Ticket button and select which ticket you’d like to add

Image 14

5. Or, use the dropdown button in the ticket you’d like to remove or transfer

Image 15
Things To Keep In Mind
Removing tickets does not include refunding the attendee from their purchase. Also, adding tickets won’t charge the attendee. Any payments and refunds when adding/removing tickets manually should be done in your organization internally.

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