Reusing Sessions From Past Events

Save time on data entry by importing repeating sessions from past events into your new event.

Exporting From Your Past Event

  1. Go to your past event’s control panel.
  2. Click the exports icon.
  3. Click “Sessions” under the “Schedule” section.
  4. Export Sessions

  5. Open the spreadsheet and make updates. You can add a year and one day to the date with a formula in Excel to update session dates and times. Here’s how to change the day by +1 Day +1 Year. Make sure to add and delete any sessions for the new event.
  6. Save the updated spreadsheet.
  7. Importing Into Your New Event

  8. Create a new event if you haven’t already.
  9. Go to Schedule => + in your new event’s control panel.
  10. Click “Import using a spreadsheet.”
  11. Select the updated spreadsheet from your past event and click “Upload.”
  12. Import Past Sessions

Reusing Participants from Past Events

Add +1 Day, +1 Year to the Start and End Times

  1. Insert a new column to the right of the current “Start Date/Time” column (Column D) and copy-paste the headers. (Make sure to copy the hidden headers in row 6)
  2. In cell E9, insert this formula and click enter:
  3. You’ll see the new date. Select cell E9, click the corner and drag all the way down the column to enter the formula in all your rows.
  4. Select and copy all of Column E.
  5. Then go to Edit => Paste Special and select “Values” and click “Ok.”
  6. Delete Column D (old “Start Date/Time”) and now the new column D (“Start Date/Time”) are your new dates.
  7. Repeat the process for column E (“End Date/Time”), using this formula:

  8. Convert the data in the start and end time columns to values only to get rid of the formula. Copy all cells, right click, and select “Special Paste” then “Values Only.”

Once you have updated the start and end times and dates, you’ll have the last year’s session spreadsheet with updated dates and info ready to upload to your new Sched site.

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