Sponsor Branding

Sponsorship branding opportunities included in all plans:

Included in the Native plans:

Sponsor Directory
Included in plans: Engage, Reserve, Native
Add sponsors profiles to your event. Attendees can view your list of sponsors under the Sponsor tab.

Sort sponsors into different tiers like platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. This will determine the order sponsors are displayed on your public site. You can rename these tiers on the Sponsors tab.  

Featured Sponsors

Web Header
Included in plans: Engage, Reserve, Native
Use your header image and header text to feature your top sponsors.
Sponsor Header Image

Customizing Your Website

Mobile Header
Included in plans: Engage, Reserve, Native
Include sponsor logos on your header banner to feature sponsors on the mobile site.
Customizing Your Mobile Site

Embedded Version
Included in plans: Engage, Reserve, Native
For the most flexibility, embed Sched into your own site and add sponsor branding around it.

An example of Sched embed, with sponsor logos added at the top:

An example of Sched embed, with sponsor logos added at the bottom:embed-sponsor

Embedding in Your Website

Email Announcement
Included in plans: Engage, Reserve, Native
Send out sponsor messages or special offers to your attendees using email announcements. Here’s an example of an email announcement that went out after an event has ended with a special offer from a sponsor.
Sponsor Email Announcement

Sending Email Announcements

Mobile Sidebar and Directory
Included in plan: Native
You can feature your presenting sponsor’s banner within your Mobile App. The banner will display in the sidebar used for sorting your event’s sessions and the directory page where attendees can search all event participants.
Mobile Sponsor

Mobile Directory

Customizing Your Mobile Site


Daily Schedule Emails
Included in plan: Native
Each day of your event, all attendees are emailed their personal schedule. Attendees love these and it’s a perfect place to add a banner and links to showcase your lead sponsors. For example, if you have 2,000 attendees and your event is 3 days, 6,000 emails will be sent out with your sponsor logo and link.

Here’s an example of a sponsor placement in the daily schedule email.
Sponsor Email Feature

Customizing Emails

Mobile Loading Screen
Included in plan: Native
Feature your sponsors’ logos when attendees launch the native app.
Customizing Your Mobile Site