Sched Registration Settings

Customize your registration experience with waitlists, disabling double booking and freezing schedules in-place. Manage these registration options on Settings.

Enable Waitlists
Maximize session attendance with optional waitlisting. Attendees who try to add a session at capacity are given the option to join the waitlist. Enable waitlisting and customize the pop-up message on Settings => General.
Waitlist Popup

Your attendees will display in the order they have been added to the waitlist in your sessions details.
Waitlist Order

When an attendee enrolled in the session removes it from their schedule, the first person on the waitlist is automatically added to the session and sent an email notification.
Waitlist email

Disable Double Booking
By default, attendees can add overlapping sessions to their personal agenda. On Reserve and Native, use this setting to prevent attendees from adding sessions occurring at the same time. (Note: Disabling double booking is not retroactive.)

On Settings => General, toggle off “Allow double booking in the same time slot.”

Capacity Labels
On Reserve and Native, set a session’s capacity when editing a session or importing the schedule spreadsheet (Column H). See attendance numbers and capacities for sessions on Schedule => Sessions.

When a session capacity is set, a special label shows up to let attendees know there’s limited space and when the session’s filling up.

Sessions with a set capacity are labeled “Limited.” Sessions that are 75% full are labeled “Filling,” and sessions that have hit capacity are marked “Full.” You can rename these labels or remove them completely on Settings => General.

Capacity labels

Ticket Warnings
If an attendee tries to add a session they don’t have permission to add, a pop-up warning will show up. There are two possible messages that show, depending on if they hit the count limit or if they don’t have a ticket at all.

Customize these warning messages on Settings => Eventbrite. This is a perfect place to link to your tickets and upsell attendees.

Count Exceeded
If they’re trying to add more sessions than allowed:
Ticket Warning

No Ticket
If they don’t have the correct ticket:
Ticket Required

Ticket Link
If an additional ticket needs to be purchased, you can include a direct link to the ticket type and prompt your attendees to purchase.
Ticket Warning Purchase
When attendees click the link they will be taken to the second step of their Eventbrite transaction with the ticket type already selected.
Eventbrite Ticket Warning Link

You can customize this ticket warning across all sessions or you can edit this for each session on the session’s edit page.

Freeze Schedules
For better planning, you can lock attendee schedules in place. Attendees won’t be able to add or remove anything from their schedule. Admins can still make changes to schedules from your control panel. Go to Settings => General and check the box for “Freeze attendee schedules from changes.”

A notice on your event page indicates schedules are final and locked from changes. Attendees will be unable to add or remove sessions from their schedule.
Freeze schedule

Disable Account Signup
Disable account signup to ensure only Eventbrite ticket-holders can sign into your event.

  1. Go to Settings => General.
  2. Check “Edit” in the privacy section.
  3. Select the “Public site with invite-only login” option or “Private site with invite-only login.”
  4. Click “Save.”