Using Zoom With Sched

Zoom is often used in conjunction with Sched for hosting a virtual event. Below we have outlined how to set up and manage this.

If you have questions about using Zoom with Sched you can Contact Us

If you have any questions related to the features or plans & pricing of Zoom, please refer to the Zoom Help Center


  1. You will need a Zoom account with the appropriate plan. Visit Zoom Plans & Pricing to signup and pick a plan.
  2. Decide if Zoom Meetings or Webinars are going to best suit the needs of your event. Read more at Zoom Meeting vs Webinar Comparison.
  3. Create your Zoom Meetings or Webinars:

    We recommend having no registration required in Zoom. You will still be able to manage access in Sched with our Privacy Controls.

  4. Add the Zoom Meetings or Webinars to your sessions. Steps outlined below.

Provide access to Zoom from your Sched event by adding the link (URL) for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar into the Video Stream Field of sessions you’ll be hosting on Zoom.

  1. Log into your Zoom account at
  2. Go to the Meetings or Webinar sections.
  3. Click on each individual Meeting/Webinar to see the link displayed. This will appear differently, depending on your Zoom settings (see screenshots below).
  4. Add the Zoom links to the Video Stream Field in your sessions on Sched. Do this directly via the Schedule section in the Control Panel or by using our Spreadsheet Upload option.

Pro Tip: Set your Privacy Controls in Sched to manage who can have access to your Zoom Meetings/Webinars and to choose when this access will become available.

Zoom Meeting/Webinar Link Examples:

  • Zoom Meeting (without registration required)

  • Zoom Meeting (with registration required)

  • Zoom Webinar (without registration required)

  • Zoom Webinar (with registration required)

Attendees will be able to access your Zoom Meeting or Webinars via a ‘Video Stream’ or ‘Open Zoom’ button that will show for attendees in the session listings on your Sched event.

You can view screenshots below of how this appears on the web and mobile apps.


Video Stream Button

Mobile Apps:

Of Note:

We recommend to test your Zoom sessions within Sched prior to your event. If you run into any issues or have any questions while testing, contact us. We’re always happy to help you test your event settings.


We recommend reviewing the available Zoom Support Guides for more information and have compiled a few here for quick reference:

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